Cool Themes for Windows 10 (Free)


These are some of the best free Windows 10 themes that offer cool visual changes to your desktop. Many of you have asked “What themes or wallpapers do you use on your computer?” In this video, I will answer that question and show you other cool themes for Windows 10. In addition to the basic themes that primarily include a gallery of desktop backgrounds, along with other minor changes, I’ll also be showing you system-wide themes that will dramatically change your user experience. These are from various sources and all are free to use.

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“Windows 10” Playlist

0:28 Microsoft Store Themes
2:18 Windows XP (Classic Shell)
4:33 3rd Party Themes
5:25 Deviant Art Themes
6:19 SkinPacks Themes

Bridging the Gap

Illusions by Josh Sommers

Cosmic Beauty

Circuit Overload

Classic Shell

Classic Shell XP Suite

Deviant Art



Penumbra 10


Nvidia Theme

Simplify 10 Light



macOS Mojave



Aero Glass


Ubuntu SkinPack



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  1. The themes some of you have been requesting that you've seen in other videos on this channel are from the Microsoft Store. They are mentioned in this video… "Classic Shell" is no longer in active development, but still works with Windows 10 to customize your user experience… Thanks for watching 🙂

  2. I have 2 screen running on the same pc ,,,so how can I have both screen showing the same themes,,,i download themes backgrounds but 1 screen showing 1 themes an 2 showing something diffent ,,,I want both to show the same thing at all time ,,help me


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