Chicken Fried Rice Recipe in Tamil | How to make Chicken Fried Rice in Tamil


In this video we will see how to make Chicken Fried Rice in Tamil. Chicken fried rice recipe is quite easy and simple to make at home. Chicken fried rice and biryani are the most ordered rice recipes at any restaurant for dinner. This chicken fried rice features crispy pieces of chicken in a spicy rice. I have cut the chicken into small pieces so that they get roasted well. Also the vegetable for the fried rice have to be cut into thin strips to make sure they are crisp and not soggy. Adding freshly ground pepper at the end increases the taste and spice level of the fried rice.

Friends please do try this chicken fried rice at home and please do post your feedback about the recipe in the comments below. Once you try this chicken fried rice at home you will never buy it from restaurants again. All the best and Happy Cooking !

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  1. Steffi akka when I am sad I will see ur video only ur voice and respic is very gud really u have a bright future in kitchen akka😍😍

  2. Hi Akka ipa varaikum na unga samayala paathu than seira ellam rombo supera varuthu nanum nalla kathukitta thank u Soo much akka

  3. Your channel add a lot of value to the ones, who are beginners with a passion on cooking .Thx much appreciated .Luv from Dubai

  4. Mam non youtube channel vaithu irukiren adharuku neraya viewers paarpadharku non enna seiya vendum konjam sollunga mam.

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  6. The way u explaining and ur cooking style was J's awesome.. by watching ur videos I learned cooking.. I tried many dishes and it came very well.. All my family members liked so much.. Thank you for teaching me to cook akka…


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