Best way to create a Photoshop Panorama


Learn the best www to make huge panoramas in Photoshop. This photoshop Panorama allows you to stitch 2 or more photos together.

Download the entire course and project files here –

Learn this very simple photoshop panorama merge technique. This is a complete photoshop panorama tutorial where you will quickly learn photoshop panorama merge. You can mage huge panorama in photoshop. Learn how to photograph a panorama ready to stitch photos together in photoshop. A panorama in photoshop CC is easy to create by simply loading the photos and allowing photoshop to do all the stitching and masking. Make huge pandas is seconds.

Part 1 – What is Photoshop –
Part 2 – QuickStart Guide –
Part 3 – Import/Edit/Export –
Part 4 – Settings and Workspaces –
Part 5 – Import Methods –
Part 6 – Adobe Camera RAW –
Part 7 – HDR –
Part 8 – Panoramas –


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  1. 👎 Down mate you know what your doing !! This isn't a tutorial its a follow me if you can and you need a new mouse yours is on drugs

  2. Not working for me…

    Photoshop POP Up: "Some images could not be automatically aligned. A fill area could not be created."

    Please advise

  3. Whenever I save my panorama, it never shows up in finder on my Mac. I know I'm saving it in the right file (I've checked 10 times). How do I save it?

  4. Thanks! This video didn't actually help since I didn't know to overlap my pictures when taking them….BUT with all your other great tutorials, I was able to manually align, layer blend, and use content-aware fill to turn into a fantastic 16×9 "panorama"!

  5. hey… just a Q, is it better to edit photos before stiching them… or I can edit the photo after stiching them?

  6. Thank you for another wonderful video! You explain everything so well, easy to understand! I really appreciate that.

    I just attempted this with 2 of my photos. Photo 1 should be on the left, photo 2 on the right. PS ordered them 2 on the left, 1 on the right. Received a message saying: "Some images could not be automatically aligned. A fill area could not be created.", is there a way to get around that? They are scanned images from slides (taken in 1979 with a Pentax ME), in case that is helpful information. Thanks Ed!!

  7. What happened to your arms? Looks like you got into some giant hogweed or something! Ouch. Great dance, however, although start slow…I clicked on the video and you scared me out of my chair, lol.

  8. argh, when I click automate – photo merge, and then select my images, it only opens one image. Can't figure out why :/

  9. Great, very informative video! I have had to watch it a couple of times, (pausing and going back, then making adjustments in PS) (69 and still learning!) but have managed to stitch a couple of pano's taken from a Yuneec CG03 Pro camera and created one from 4 images taken in Scotland using my DSLR, during a recent trip – but not taken with a view to creating a pano pic. I am subscribing!

  10. Hi, I've seen a few of the panorama tutes. They tell how to get rid of the distortion. But how can you easily fix up a horizon line thats not in line/connecting/one up one down/jagged?

  11. Hi Ed, can you pls help me. I need explain why when I edited my photo from RAW file in Lightroom is resulted size littler than I edited the same photo in Camera RAW. Export setting are same. I export to JPG. Thanks for answer :).


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