Best Android Theme of 2019 (Must Have Nova Setup)


Here is one of the best Android custom build theme by Androholic. You can grab this android themes for free. We have gone through step by step procedure to completely install this theme on your smartphone home screen.

This is one of the best Android Theme of 2019.

Here is The New Theme (One Click Install) –


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[ “SPECIAL PUBG Theme” – ]

Download all the required apps from below –


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1. “Wallpaper Link” –

(Wallpaper is in Top, Also this App is by Androholic. You will get Daily New Wallpapers and Possibly you will never Regret 🤗🤗)

2. Nova Launcher –

Premium Version –

3. LineBit Icon pack –

4. Kwgt widget –

Pro Key –

5. Sun and Sea Kwgt Pack –

6. Muviz App –

7. Nova Launcher Backup –

8. Custom Music Widget for the second page –

Get NetFlix Hotstar Account and other Premium Account for Free –

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Music – Just My Imagination by NCS


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  1. Good taste in music for your video… People who usually do these types of videos have all kinds of problems with music selection imo

  2. Bro i am not getting the exact look of yours when i import backup
    Few apps are coming at bottom of screen thats all
    I need help

  3. You can do this when you are going to a party,meeting or a group meeting to show off
    For daily users,good luck with the battery and ram usage

  4. When I downloaded the custom music widget from the link you provided, I received a totally different widget then the one that you show on the video. Is there a different link that I need to use instead? When downloaded it comes up as “Music_minimal” instead of “MusicBox_minimal”


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