Best $500 Youtuber Camera in 2019? Canon M50 vs Panasonic Lumix G7


**CORRECTION** G7 has a slight crop in 4k, but not as much as M50.
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  1. WHOOPS! Turns out there's a slight 4k crop with the G7 as well, but a fairly minor one compared to the M50. Told ya I don't know what I'm talking about!

  2. G85 vs M50 ???? I like your videos a lot but the G85 has IBIS maybe really help.. Thinking about M50 for quick focus in video.

  3. I like the lumix g7 I am just starting into the youtube market and so I have been watching lots of videos to spend my money wisely.

  4. All these while I was thinking the G7 footage was the m50 😂 the color science of the G7 is pretty darn good. autofocus goes to canon!

  5. This style of editing makes turns your video into non-stop talking. After awhile everything your saying turns into gobilygoop . Try just talking naturally read a script or something. Take care peace

  6. Hey potato jet can u review canon m200 i already watched lots of review but i guess yours i find more reliable please😀
    I'll wait for it.thanks😀

  7. Cam two is much better. So much clearer and sharper. Reading these comments I can tell I’m one of the few people on the world who has 15/15 vision. People say they can’t tell the difference, and I’m like, “seriously?” The second camera is so much sharper.

    The autofocus is killing me though.

  8. hi bro i have canon 80d with kit lense and 50 mm and i dont know what lense i need 😀 to improve i work with social events 80d or m50?

  9. Thank you but, how come both newer camera's af system is worse than my sony a6000? I changed my mind. I will go on with my Sony a6000 rather than m50. Plus, it is so hard to change the system after buying strobe and many prime lenses 🙂

  10. Love your videos man. You have a great camera personality and very enthusiastic in explaining. Keep it up. You got a new subscriber from Sri Lanka.

  11. Poor Asians are so sensitive about their eyes and small penises. To the point of going to cosmetic surgeries over it. Beat Takeshi or Bruce Lee certainly didn't buy into that BS, yet in the end it didn't hinder their ability to accomplish pretty much anything they wanted. Don't buy into the politically correct crowd's nonsense trying to divide us. In order to conquer us. Now that's true empowerment.

  12. I need to ask because all I see is a ton of fucking nerds that don’t explain ENGLISH but what’s the battery life for the Panasonic lumix?


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