Air Compressor, Line Setup and How to Use Air Tools for Beginners


Leah from See Jane Drill provides a complete tutorial on how to set up and use an air compressor. She gives an overview of each part and gauge and how it works. She describes step-by-step, fitting-by-fitting how to set up your hose line. And she shows how to operate the compressor, attach air tools to it and use the tools. YOU can do this!

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  1. I don’t comment much on YouTube but I just have to say you are very thorough with your explaining. Thank you for your time and for the camera assistant in making this video. You helped me a lot and I hope wherever you work that you are a teacher for many more to come. Thanks again.

  2. Hello Leah,
    I totally enjoyed your methods of instruction. I am wondering if you have a tutorial video on how to convert an air compressor into a power washer, or if you can tell me how.

  3. Thank you Leah. Being a recent widow I’ve got a garage full of tools that I’m just starting to think about using. Your tutorials & pleasant manner is making me think “I can do this” 😃

  4. Thaks for sharing knowledge Leah, I was looking for some pointers on my compresor set up and you paved the way for me.

  5. This was just what I needed! Thank you so much! This is my first time setting up these types of tools- I knew it couldn’t be as difficult as all those other videos that skip the explanations and the first five steps made me think. Thank you.

  6. I have one Air Compressor and use for shoot nail and I would like to use it for cleaning my house with water. What should I buy so I can use it with water?


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