5 Rhythm Games I've been enjoying on PC!


Lets look at 5 rhythm games that caught my attention!


Groove Coaster:


Muse Dash:

-the version I play:

Beat Saber:

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  1. Can someone help me out with downloading the unnamed sdfx clone please. I'm having a lot of trouble despite reading the instructions on the website.

  2. Yuancon makes a lot of controllers for different japanese games. Even for groove coaster. Same as in the arcade

  3. I play sound vortex on arcade shop at the mall and it only cost three tokens and one token is like 5/10 cents idk how yo compute us dollars

  4. I played a lot of SDVX when I lived in Korea, I wanna play Kshoot so badly, but I just can't play it on a keyboard.
    I watched this video specifically because I want an alternative since idk if I wanna spend $150 on a controller.
    Of course number 1 is Kshoot/SDVX! Maybe I should just say fuck it and say goodbye to that money

    Definitely going to play some Muse Dash tho, that looks fun

  5. Does anyone else think the way he speaks is so odd?? It’s so distracting to me how slow he speaks and so many unnecessary pauses too

  6. Sound voltex?
    Nah nah nah
    Sound voblox
    Now we are talking

    (rip osu btw, *crying mania player*)


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