$250 Nail Gun Compressor Combo Kit – Test & Review


I replaced my six year old Bostitch compressor with a new Porter Cable combination kit that includes a 16 and 18 gauge nail gun and a stapler for around $250. I use the Flexzilla compressor hose that I’ve been using in the shop and I’m excited to use the pneumatic stapler that comes with the new kit for stretching canvas for art projects and other uses where a hand stapler is difficult to use. To test, I set the compressor at 95 lbs. which is what I typically use, and adjust the nail guns and stapler for use on various wood types. I test the Porter Cable vs. the Bostitch nail gun and the results are very similar. Here are links to the tools used and a combo compressor kit.

PORTER-CABLE 3-Tool Combo Kit (ON SALE):

Flexzilla Air Hose, 3/8 in. x 50 ft:

BOSTITCH BTFP3KIT 3-Tool Portable Air Compressor Combo Kit:

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  1. I just need to drive 18g narrow crown staples … thought a oilless 3g portable compressor would do it but probably need a 6g. Thanks for the links!

  2. I have this same set. It’s great for diy and small handyman work. I wouldn’t use this set on a full construction site. It’s well worth the $250 price tag.


  4. Just had this combo delivered today from HD. Glad someone else is excited about the stapler because it has gotten a few bad raps.
    I tried it and works great! Got it mainly for the nailers but also plan to use the stapler for some upholstery work. Manual stapler gun isn't cutting it these days…

  5. Turn the air pressure up 5 #s ……WTF??? Sorry , but don't over complicate a 1 braincell worth hiccup . If you read the directions ? You were supposed to leave the petcock valve open and to let the motor run for 10 or 15 min. straight to break it in. I dont have the manual handy , but I do remember to run with valve open for a certain time. The pressure at the tank will be quite higher than at the tool , if 90# at Tank , 50 ft. hose to tool , @ tool will approx be 65#s ……Hope the info helps…I have the same kit , 2x ……………..If it starts knocking a little harder than normal , spray some silicone spray into the intake , It will help with rust in tank and rubber seals , valves , etc. About 15 yrs ago , the kit came with 1000 nails and you got a real crown stapler 2 1/4 inch . and it was 199$ FKN bean counters suk!

  6. Both of those nail guns are the same. Both are brands owned by Black and Decker Stanley, they also own Dewalt and Craftsman

  7. Porter Cable owns Bostitch. No, I mean they literally own them. Stanley Porter Cable also owns DeWalt and Black and Decker.

  8. Great video and thanks for sharing. That valve was open for a reason. Per the manual (who reads that) it says to do a 15 min straight break in run prior to normal use. The only way to do this is open the drain valve so it purges continuously. Just thought I'd share that easily overlooked info.

  9. So….the compressor runs just until the tank is full? How many nails could you drive on a full tank? And could this compressor support a framing nailer?

  10. Just bought the same combo kit. Did you have any issues with the pressure regulator adjusting on its own? Mine would go up in pressure and down without me turning the knob.

  11. I just bought same set last week from Home Depot. $199. Planning on doing a bead board panel ceiling. NEVER used a nail gun before. This video helped so much. Looks easier than hammering. Starting my list of projects. Any other helpful hints would be appreciated. Thanks

  12. Just arrived at my door today, thanks for the timely video! Took advantage of the HD sale for $199, 1st air compressor.

  13. Great video. Wasn't sure about buying this kit at home depot for 200 bucks. After watching this it's a definite yes. I'm new to wood working so this will be a perfect starter kit.

  14. I just ordered this 3 in 1 kit to make my own float frames for my MFA thesis art exhibit. Thank you for this review it was very helpful and useful to a novice woodworker like me. I’ve been referencing your float frame video too!!! Thank you so much! PS it’s $200 on Amazon for anyone who’s thinking of purchasing it around now.

  15. I’ve had this kit for over twenty years. Still running. These are pretty good tools. I have the bostich as well works well, but now I’m thinking about getting rid of the bostich tools and going battery for work. Keeping my porter cable guns and maybe one bostich nailer for my shop.


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